Monday, 17 December 2012


                i cant believe that im gonna turn to 19 a few days more . ouh my god , nineteen is a big number and im probably not ready at all to have nineteen as my age . and the fact is i dont have that sense of maturity . im gonna turn to 19 and im still like this . like what ? hmm ya know , still single ==' okay . bapak foreber alone nya . setiap malam tengok roomates gayut dengan boyfriend diorang , jauh di sudut hati agak jealous laa even diorang tu bukannya sweet pun tapi you know , at least they have someone to manja manja or to teman diorang while diorang alone . me ? hmmmm like usual , 24/7 dengan twitter . talking about boyfriend , yeah i do have a crush to someone . hmm cannot tell here laa who kan because even my bestfriend I didnt tell anything . Taktahu la macam mana aku bole crush dekat mamat ni kan tapi actually dah agak lama dah cuma sebelum ni aku banyak sangat crush sana sini tapi now aku rasa macam bapak serius gila aku crush dekat dia sebab entahlhaa . i cant stop thinking about him ! errrrr and i know he will never feel the same like this about me and saya sangat redha yea adik adik sekalian . hmmm okay laa , got to go . sambung later . 
hugs and kisses , ann .

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