Friday, 30 November 2012

a Belieber

Why i love Justin Bieber so much ?

the fact is aku pun taktahu kenapa aku sangat
gilakan Justin . dulu my friends Shazzy and Pipit sangat sangat
addict with this guy and aku selalu kutuk diorang .
aku cakap aku tak faham kenapa diorang boleh suka sangat 
sampai menangis laa ape la . sumpah aku tak faham .
then , aku ada baca buku Never Say Never ; Justin Bieber own by Shazzy .
start from that moment , hahaha im crazy in love with Justin
even when im watched Never Say Never on HBO , 
i will cry . i dont know . he inspired me a lot .
what i know is i want to meet him ,
i want to hug him and kiss
my friends majority tak suka dia but who cares ?
they crazy about kpop guy and im crazy about this canadian guy .
no different :) hehe
Justin got a special place in my heart . listen to his music 
make me calm . you know everytime i feel down ,
i will listen to 'Be Alright' by Justin . that song was so meaningful 
as he wrote the song himself . i feel so close to him , i dont know why
people may call me crazy but i know im not the only one who feel like this .
Justin always try to make Belieber happy and close and close and close to him
the way he say sorry because he cant reply all tweets from us was so cute
and he's soo adoreable . 
i love him for no reason .
i love him just the way he are . 

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